Clippic – print your videos

Create Your World Of Memories

Use Clippics to safe your video moments. You can create and order your Clippic-Photo-Products directly in the Clippic App!

Gift Printed Videos

Let your imagination flow and gift printed videos to your friends!

Make Your Wedding Special

Invite your friends with a video message. Save your moving moments as clippics in your wedding photo album and relive your special day whenever you want!

Immortalize Your Graduation

Immortalize your school moments by integrating Clippics into your graduation magazine!

Awaken Your Books And Newspapers

Clippic enables you to combine digital content – like videos – with your print medium. We are also working on accessibility solutions so that your customer can e.g. have an article read to them.

Your’re A Company? Let’s Find The Best Solution!

Use the Clippic app for your company. You create Clippics in the app or webapp and your customers can scan and play your Clippics as usual.

Implement Clippic functionalities into your app. For example, you can implement a scan fragment that accesses to our Clippic database.

You don’t have an app yet and are looking for one that has direct Clippic-Functionalities? Then you have found the right place!

Create Your Magic World

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