My ordered Clippics do not correspond to the quality I had hoped for!

We regret this very much. Our printing partners work to the highest standards. We work day by day to ensure and improve the print quality even further. As Clippics are individual products, we generally cannot offer returns. If there are very strong deviations in the quality, please contact our service department via our contact form.

I placed my order one week ago and still have not received anything

The delivery time is usually between 7 and 14 working days from the date of order. Longer shipping times occur mainly on holidays, as we have an increased production and our delivery services may have bottlenecks. If you have not received your order after 14 days, please contact our service department via our contact form.

Where can I see my shipping status?

With the completion of your order we have sent you a confirmation email. In this e-mail you will find the link of the shipping partner where you can check the current status of your order.

My order has not fully arrived.

Please contact our service department via our contact form.

I can’t scan the QR-Code (anymore)!

Please make sure that the QR-Code is clearly readable by your cell phone camera. It should be as clean as possible. Avoid light sources that may reflect on the photo paper. For example, you should not hold the QR Code directly in the sun.

It can also happen that the QR code is damaged. This can happen if the Clippic comes into contact with water (may blur) or UV radiation (may fade) for too long. We are constantly working on improving the quality of the Clippics to increase their durability.

So make sure that you store your Clippics properly (possible in a dry and dark place) to increase the durability.

You can always reorder Clippics in the app.

Why can’t I create Clippics on the website?

Currently, you can only create, manage and order Clippics in the mobile app. However, we are already working on a webapp and will launch it in 2021.

Can I download videos from the Clippic app back to my phone as a video file?

We are currently still working on this feature. In the future there will be a possibility to do this. This will allow you to carefree delete the video from your internal mobile phone memory after you have created a Clippic.


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